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Get to Know THEMIS 5.0: Daniel Diosdado López

The diverse group of partners working together on THEMIS 5.0 is a part of what makes this project so important. 'Get to Know THEMIS 5.0' is a campaign designed to communicate the core values and aims of the project, through the lens of the unique stories and experiences of the people who make THEMIS possible. By hearing their stories, we hope that readers can understand the importance of improving trust in AI not just for themselves, but for citizens across the world. 

What is your name, where do you work, and what is your role in THEMIS 5.0?


My name is Daniel Diosdado López, I work at Fundación Valenciaport and my role in THEMIS 5.0 is to collaborate in different tasks, such as: requirement analysis, conceptual modeling, the co-creation process, and prepare, execute, and evaluate the port pilot.


Why is the THEMIS 5.0 project important to you?


We believe that THEMIS 5.0 can be fundamental to convince reluctant stakeholders about the benefits of AI and increase user adoption of new developments. 


Have there been any situations (work or personal) where you have had concerns about bias or fairness in an AI system or outcome?


I remember some years ago; an US University made an AI system to help in the hiring process. Accidentally, the system they trained was racist, and had a bias against black people in the sense that when grading candidates for a job, two identical candidates whose only difference was skin color, the black candidate would always obtain a lower score. The researchers tried to understand why the system had such a strong bias against black people and found that the bias was in the training data and carried over.


In your opinion, what are the key challenges to enhancing trustworthiness in AI systems?


The explainability of the system is, to me, the most important factor that can enhance trustworthiness in an AI system. If the user can understand the “reasoning” behind the result or recommendation of an AI system with an explanation from said system, the user is more likely to follow the recommendation than not.


How do you stay updated on the latest advancements and practices in AI?


Mainly through subreddits specialized in AI and papers.


If you could use AI to do something in your everyday life (which it doesn’t already do!) what would it be?


I think that an AI for nutrition/dieting, with recipe recommendation could be an interesting application.



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