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THEMIS 5.0 at the ADRA Virtual European Convergence Summit 2024: Pioneering Trustworthy AI for a Sustainable Future

The ADRA (AI Data Robotics Association) Virtual European Convergence Summit 2024 on the 19th June was a focused event that united thought leaders, innovators, and stakeholders from across Europe and beyond. This summit offered a comprehensive platform for discussing the transformative impact of AI, Data, and Robotics (ADR) on critical issues such as energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.

Advert for ADRA Convergence Summit
Advert for ADRA Convergence Summit

Among the numerous forward-thinking projects featured at the summit, was THEMIS 5.0 with its mission to enhance public trust in AI decisions. THEMIS 5.0 is dedicated to creating a trustworthy AI framework based on risk assessment and equipping individuals with the skills needed to evaluate AI systems' trustworthiness themselves.

The summit hosted four insightful panels that covered a broad spectrum of ADR-related topics:

  1. European ADR Strategies: This panel delved into the strategic initiatives across Europe aimed at fostering innovation and collaboration in AI, Data, and Robotics. Key discussions included international competition, policy frameworks, funding opportunities, and cross-border partnerships.

  2. ADR Environmental Strategies: Focused on the role of ADR in promoting environmental sustainability, this panel highlighted projects and technologies that are driving significant improvements in energy efficiency and CO2 reduction. It provided a roadmap for leveraging ADR to tackle climate change.

  3. Public Involvement and Normative Issues: This critical panel addressed the ethical, legal, and social implications of ADR technologies. Emphasis was placed on public engagement, transparency, and the development of norms and standards to ensure that these technologies are used responsibly and equitably.

  4. Foresight Panel: Offering a glimpse into the future, this panel explored emerging trends and potential breakthroughs in ADR. Discussions centered on long-term impacts, future research directions, and the evolution of the ADR landscape.

In addition to the panels, the summit featured a virtual showroom where participants could explore digital booths showcasing various projects and innovations. THEMIS 5.0's booth featured brochures and videos to help attract interest from attendees eager to learn more about its contributions to trustworthy AI.

Screenshot of the digital booth showing THEMIS 5.0 header, project description and a video
THEMIS 5.0 Booth at the ADRA Summit

At the THEMIS 5.0 booth, visitors discovered how the project is building a reliable AI framework grounded in risk assessment. This framework is designed to foster greater public confidence in AI decisions, addressing the often-cited challenge of trust in AI. Additionally, the project is developing an interactive chatbot, developed to impart essential skills for assessing the trustworthiness of AI systems. This educational tool empowers individuals to make informed judgments about AI technologies they encounter in their personal and professional lives and feedback thoughts to AI devlopers and providers.

The ADRA Virtual European Convergence Summit 2024 was a resounding success, providing a vibrant forum for sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration among ADR stakeholders.

For more information about THEMIS 5.0 and our initiatives, subscribe for updates on our home page. Together, we can build a future where AI, Data, and Robotics drive sustainable progress and earn the public's trust.

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