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Get Ready With THEMIS 5.0 as we Prepare for the AI Data and Robotics Cluster Event

Our ground-breaking AI project THEMIS 5.0 is now proudly part of the illustrious portfolio within the co-programmed partnership known as ADRA – AI, Data, and Robotics. In May 2021, a consortium of leading organisations including the Big Value Data Association (BDVA), Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe (CLAIRE), European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS), European Association for Artificial Intelligence (EurAI), and euRobtics, untied to establish ADRA. This collaborative powerhouse brings together a diverse array of stakeholders, fostering an environment ripe for invaluable information exchange and collective innovation. Through this partnership, we are cultivating a unified approach among AI, Data and Robotics projects under Horizon Europe.


Our journey with ADRA commences with an exciting initiative – a joint launch event for new projects initiated towards the end of 2023. At this event, our project co-ordinator, Hara Stefanou, will take the virtual stage presenting, a compelling video narrative showcasing the transformative potential of THEMIS 5.O to the research and innovation community. Accompanying this presentation is a meticulously crafted brochure, providing deeper insights into our project’s initiatives and anticipated impacts. With this endeavour, we aim not only to familiarise ourselves with the dynamic landscape of AI supported by the European Commission, but also to establish meaningful connections with fellow innovators.


Scheduled for February 22nd, this virtual event marks a significant milestone for THEMIS 5.0. It provides a platform to broaden the project’s horizons, enabling us to reach a wider audience and explore synergies with other pioneering initiatives in the AI field. By tapping into the innovative prowess of our counterparts and forging strategic alliances, we lay the groundwork for sustainable and fruitful collaboration and knowledge dissemination.


The agenda for this full-day event promises a dynamic and immersive experience brimming with insights and opportunities to foster collaboration, visibility, and operational efficiency across projects. Through clustering with like-minded initiatives across Europe, we aim to amplify the impact and outcomes of THEMIS 5.0, ensuring a lasting and substantial influence in the realm of AI, Data, and Robotics.


For further updates and insights on the THEMIS 5.0 project subscribe for regular updates. You can also find us on Linkedin  and Twitter (@THEMIS_50).

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