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Get to Know THEMIS 5.0: Stuart Campbell

The diverse group of partners working together on THEMIS 5.0 is a part of what makes this project so important. 'Get to Know THEMIS 5.0' is a campaign designed to communicate the core values and aims of the project, through the lens of the unique stories and experiences of the people who make THEMIS possible. By hearing their stories, we hope that readers can understand the importance of improving trust in AI not just for themselves, but for citizens across the world. 

What is your name, where do you work, and what is your role in THEMIS 5.0?


Stuart Campbell

Director and CEO

Information Catalyst

Technical Partner and Use Case Lead

Why is the THEMIS 5.0 project important to you?


Every software company today is somehow on the AI bandwagon. Thus, a research project which can challenge and enhance our knowledge in this field, as well as help to advance our own technology, especially one which is well funded is a good thing.


Have there been any situations (work or personal) where you have had concerns about bias or fairness in an AI system or outcome?


None – Life is unfair.  Why should AI be any different.  Get over it.  However, understanding why something is unfair or perceived to be unfair is educational for you to make further choices.  This is where THEMIS fits in.


In your opinion, what are the key challenges to enhancing trustworthiness in AI systems?


Explaining in ‘mother friendly’ terms why a decision was made.


Getting some periodic human assessments if they would have made the same decision or not and their assessment if, even grudgingly, the AI made a better decision.


How do you stay updated on the latest advancements and practices in AI?



If you could use AI to do something in your everyday life (which it doesn’t already do!) what would it be?

  • Fill in surveys.

  • Negotiate Cas

  • Keep track of actions I have forgotten about




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