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THEMIS 5.0 at the ADRA Launch Event

Updated: Feb 26

On 22nd February 2024, THEMIS 5.0 coordinator Hara Stenfanou participated in the ADRA (AI, Data and Robotics) launch event which showcased the future innovation in the world of AI, data, and robotics. This online event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the work done so far by the THEMIS project whilst also becoming acquainted with some peer projects. The online event involved Adra-eAIonDemand, and the European Commission coming together to unveil the new tranche of projects funded under several Horizon 2023 and 2022 calls.


The event kicked off with a comprehensive introduction from the European Commission, followed by live presentations from both Adra-e and AIonDemand Platform representatives. Philip Piatkiewicz, Adra Secretary General introduced the ADRA organisation and its key aims and principles. ADRA aims to secure a future where Europe is a global leader on AI, Data, and Robotics technologies that address and plethora of world issues and to accelerate the growth of future technologies. Its method for achieving this is threefold:


1)    Secure Europe’s sovereignty over AI, Data, and Robotics technologies and knowhow.

2)    Establish European leadership in AI, Data, and Robotics technologies with high socio-economic and environmental focuses

3)    Reinforce a strong and global competitive position of Europe in the world of AI, Data, and Robotics


The highlight of the event was a series of dynamic 2-minute pitch video presentations from the 54 projects funded across diverse domains. This unique format allowed each project to showcase its vision, objectives, and impact in a concise yet impactful manner. Plus, the projects will be included in a joint catalogue to be disseminated both online and offline. The THEMIS project was featured in the AI for human empowerment (AI, Data and Robotics Partnership) group of presentations alongside other like-minded EU projects namely: HumAIne, PEER, AI4REALNET, and TANGO. THEMIS 5.0 coordinator Hara Stenfanou delivered a dynamic and engaging presentation that give a clear outline of the key aims and motivations of the project.


Take a look at the THEMIS 5.0 yourself by following this link to our Youtube:



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